The Professional development department at the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood is dedicated to maximizing the healthy growth and development of Delaware’s children by supporting quality early care and educational programming for all children, their families and their communities. In partnership with both public and private stakeholders, the Institute works to create and sustain a responsive, data driven system for enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of those who work with children from birth through age twelve. We provide a framework and registry for linking Early Childhood Educators with professional development opportunities through instruction and individual technical support in order to create world-class early childhood programming.

The Professional Development department designs, delivers and coordinates professional development that meets the needs of a diverse workforce of 6,000 plus members working in a variety of early childhood settings including: public school, inclusive and special education environments and the private business of home-based child care.


A competent early childhood workforce, supported and engaged families, and high quality early childhood programs are accessible to all Delaware children and youth. All of Delaware’s children will become successful adults, contributing members of our community, and participants in a global economy. Delaware’s early childhood system will be an effective collaboration of families, programs, and services that support children as they grow, develop, and learn.


The mission of Professional Development at the DIEEC is to support early childhood professionals through high quality, coordinated professional development experiences that enhance skills, knowledge, career opportunities and support high quality programs. The DIEEC joins Delaware’s Early Success (2006) in supporting the same mission: All of Delaware’s families will have access to early care and education programs that will offer families a safe learning environment to ensure positive outcomes for children. Early care and education programs will be staffed by professionals educated and skilled in supporting the growth, development and learning of young children. Programs will be regulated to ensure basic safeguards for children, both physical and developmental.

Guiding Principles:

Goals of Professional Development at the DIEEC:

Goal 1: To provide a range of accessible professional development experiences.

Goal 2: To ensure that professional development opportunities are responsive, of the highest quality, and are monitored to ensure that the content of training is research-based and aligned with state standards for the field.

Goal 3: Build early childhood community capacity, through technical assistance, to support the development of other organizations and trainers to be partners in the Institute.

Goal 4: To provide a range of professional development curriculum and experiences that advances the early childhood professionals’ knowledge in core content and Early Learning Foundations areas.

Goal 5: Provide professional development so that early childhood programs can move to higher quality, as indicated by the Delaware Stars 5 star quality rating and improvement system.

Goal 6: Coordinate a quality assured professional development system that follows the Department of Education’s early childhood professional development framework.

Goal 7: Engage families in the development of the early childhood education system.

Goal 8: Provide early childhood demonstration sites for professionals to learn best practices.

Goal 9: Show improvement on core, quality indicators as well as child, family, and community outcomes.

Ongoing activities of Professional Development Department:

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