Approval Process/Paperwork

Curriculum Approval

The Professional Development Department at DIEEC designs, delivers and evaluates training based on adult learning theories, research, and models.  The DIEEC provides the Quality Assured PD infrastructure; and works with agencies and instructors to approve and support the development and delivery of Quality Assured Professional Development.

Since curriculum used in childcare is approved by alignment with the Early Learning Foundations, and Delaware Professional Competencies, along with other essential criteria, the commitment is also that professional development is similarly aligned.  Please note that all elements and fields of the curriculum workshop approval forms are required.

To deliver Quality Assured Professional Development to Delaware’s Early Care and Education workforce, all instructors must meet the Subject Matter Expert requirements for the content they are instructing, and have curriculum approved based on the approval process and requirements outlined in the submission paperwork.

If you are interested in having your workshop approved for Quality Assured hours, please submit both the Curriculum Approval form with all documentation and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) form included here to:

DIEEC Professional Development
ATTN: Veronica Commodore
111 Alison Hall West
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
You will be contacted with questions or feedback, and approval takes approximately 30 days. After your workshop is approved, you are able to list it on the DIEEC training calendar. We ask that all training be listed 30 days in advance. Entrepreneurs will be assessed a fee for each workshop approval and each time it is listed on the site.

At this time, the DIEEC does not quality assure online workshops from outside organizations without a plan to link it to our registry and run through our PD system. If you are interested in having an online workshop approved for QA hours, a plan must be made.  Working to have your online training on the DEPDNow platform is also negotiable.