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Location: We are located on the University of Delaware’s campus. The PD Department’s offices are currently located in Pearson Hall and 501 South College Avenue.

Mailing Address:

Human Development & Family Sciences
Attn: DIEEC Professional Development
111 Alison West
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

For all inquiries call: 302-831-3239

Fax: 302-831-4223


Commodore, Veronica - DIEEC Director, Professional Development

Skrobot, Christine  - DIEEC Assistant Director, Professional Development


Nordmeyer, Lin - Communications Manager


Cox, Kelly - Sr. Administrative Assistant


Gerber, Betsi - Administrative Assistant


Horwitz, Tara - Administrative Assistant


DeWese, Jessica - Professional Development Coordinator


Rowe, Joy - Professional Development Coordinator


DiGregorio, Marcie - Professional Development Coordinator

Schulte, Melissa - Professional Development Coordinator