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Hiring of Instructors

The Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood currently employees a cadre of full time instructors and curriculum developers. The PD Master Instructors/Curriculum Developers facilitate workshops, develop and construct workshops, mentor and monitor contracted instructors, and support Delaware’s Professional Development system in a variety of ways.

In addition, DIEEC contracts with approved Quality Assured Instructors who are independent contractors on an as-needed basis. Contracted instructors conduct workshops as assigned by the DIEEC PD System. Assignments are based on what content the instructor has demonstrated to be a Subject Matter Expert. All instructors must be trained in the curriculum they are facilitating. Placement is based on content knowledge, availability, and proximity to the training location. Instructors have agreed to facilitate DIEEC sponsored workshops, oversight of which is managed and supported by the Institute and most workshops are offered state- wide. The use of contracted instructors is based on the number of workshops offered, the density of the population of child care providers, and the availability of each instructor. Instructors are required to sign an Instructor Agreement and follow the policies and procedures of the PD Department.

Qualifications of Instructors

DIEEC assures that Instructors are qualified by reviewing documentation of education and experience in the subject matter they are instructing. Every instructor must complete paperwork, sign an agreement that includes a Standards of Conduct section, and a provision that states their understanding that they will be observed and monitored by the Institute staff.

Each contracted instructor has demonstrated competency through a rigorous approval process and has participated in a 25 hour Relationship-Based Professional Development required and provided by the PD Department, or has demonstrated attendance of an equivalent course. Each instructor is required to participate in networking events, informational sessions, Train the Trainers/Instructor Curriculum Exploration events, as well as participate in ongoing professional development activities. Instructors are supported by a mentoring relationship with another PD team member, are encouraged to participate in ongoing reflective practices and participate in an ongoing observation and evaluation process to ensure best practices and policies are followed.

For approved not-for-profit organizations that sponsor workshops, DIEEC requests that the organization submit an agreement that they, as the sponsoring organization, will hire and monitor the instructors that they hire to conduct workshops. These instructors still must demonstrate that they are subject matter experts in the approved content.

For-Profit Training Organizations & Entrepreneurial Instructors

Instructors who conduct community training (not requiring approval by DIEEC) are neither monitored nor qualified under the current system. Early Childhood professionals may, at their discretion, create and offer workshops for providers without oversight by the Institute. These workshops are not listed in Provider Pursuits or on the training calendar. Only approved workshops may be listed. It is up to the participants who take workshops to inquire about the credentials of the instructors. For more information regarding community based training please see Community Based Training.

Some instructors can choose to be Quality Assured Entrepreneurial Instructors. These instructors must follow the same protocol, policies and procedures of all Master Instructors (see Qualifications) and meet the same qualifications as contracted Master Instructors. Costs are associated with instructor approval, training organization approval, curriculum approval and advertising on the DIEEC registry. Please contact the PD Department if you are interested in receiving more information.

Becoming an Instructor for the Institute

***At this time, DIEEC is not soliciting new contracted instructors.**