Quality Assured PD

The Professional Development Department at the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood offers a variety of Quality Assured workshops to meet the needs of Early Childhood providers in Delaware. Please refer to the list of workshops sponsored by the DIECC, listed below, by competency area.

  1. Child/Youth Development (CD)
  2. Environment/Curriculum (EC)
  3. Social Emotional Development (SE)
  4. Observation & Assessment (OA)
  5. Health, Safety, Nutrition (HS)
  6. Family & Community (FM)
  7. Professionalism (PR)
  8. Management & Administration (MA)
  9. Multi-Topic (MT)

Quality Assured Professional Development is offered at three different levels: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Introductory workshops are intended for professionals who are new to the field or interested in gaining knowledge in a new a topic area. It is a basic overview of the topic and prior knowledge is not required. Intermediate workshops are intended for experienced professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in a topic area. Advanced workshops are intended for professionals in leadership roles or for participants who desire in-depth knowledge and skills in a specific topic area.

All Quality Assured workshops will have content that is consistent with reliable child development theory & principles; professional competencies; best practices; quality standards and licensing regulations. Each workshop is comprehensive and reinforces skills to support children’s development. Please refer to training matrix for further information regarding levels of training.

Introductory professional development curriculum will include:

Intermediate professional development curriculum will include:

Advanced professional development curriculum will include:

Below is a link to the current list of most of the QA workshops sponsored by the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood:

Course Descriptions

Quality Assured Approved Equivalencies for Out-of-state Conferences and PD Opportunities

What is approved professional development?

To determine what is “approved” professional development, early childhood and school-age programs must first consider what regulation or requirement they are trying to satisfy. If you are looking to meet the community based (level 1) annual training hours that are required under DELACARE Rules for those working in licensed child care facilities please contact your OCCL Licensing Representative or visit: http://kids.delaware.gov/occl/occl.shtml. If you are interested in receiving Quality Assured Professional Development hours, QA training opportunities are listed on the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood’s training registry (www.dieecpd.org). The purpose of this document is to identify workshop and conference opportunities that are offered outside the state of Delaware, but still meet the criteria of approved Quality Assured (QA) training.

Quality Assured Professional Development

The Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood (DIEEC), in partnership with both public and private stakeholders, works to create and sustain a responsive, data driven system for enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of those who work with children from birth through age twelve. The Professional Development Department within the DIEEC is committed to quality in professional development. A combination of approved content, evaluation, and instructors who are highly competent within their areas of teaching are expected to help ensure that trainings and coursework are of exceptional quality.
All Quality Assured (QA) Training:

The DIEEC Professional Development Department develops, approves, delivers, and coordinates Quality Assured Professional Development. QA Professional Development consists of three levels of training: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. All QA training sponsored by the DIEEC or other approved sponsoring organizations or instructors will be advertised on the Training Calendar. Successful completion of QA training hours will be reflected on your personal transcript; which can be accessed on your Training Profile. If a participant is interested in registering for QA training; he/she should access it through the online calendar. In order to register for quality assured training, please create a profile in the registry and click on the training calendar.

QA Conferences and PD Opportunities

In an effort to recognize high quality PD that is offered outside the state of Delaware, the DIEEC PD Department in conjunction with the Department of Education and Delaware Stars has developed a comprehensive list of professional development conferences and opportunities that meet the Quality Assured specifications. These training opportunities will be considered Introductory training hours, unless otherwise specified. All conferences and other training organizations located in Delaware must adhere to the quality assured policies and procedures if they wish to have their events quality assured.


How to Receive QA Credit for Approved Out-of-State PD
The conferences and PD opportunities listed will not be reflected on a DIEEC transcript. It is the responsibility of the participant to register to receive CEUs, Continuing Education Credits, or receive proper documentation in form of certificate or transcript from each conference or workshop. Keep record of each training or workshop in order for it to be reviewed at a verification visit. For each conference attended; a professional will receive a maximum of 6 QA hours, unless a CEU certificate from IACET with documentation of CEU hours is provided. (This is certificate is usually provided for an additional cost)
If you believe there is an out-of state conference or training opportunity that meets the Quality Assured criteria and is not on the list, please send an email to Allison Constable, Associate Director of Professional Development, with information about the training opportunity at aeconst@udel.edu. The DIEEC PD Department will review and make a decision within 45 days of receiving and will notify you of the decision. If it meets the standard of QA; it will be added to this list and updated on the DIEEC PD website.


Assessment Training Series

The DIEEC PD Department is providing a new series of assessment training:  introductory to assessment for administrators, introductory to assessment for teachers, advanced assessment for teachers, advanced assessment for administrators, and Teaching Strategies GOLD for both teachers and administrators.  The goal of this training is to support programs with the new Stars enhancements. Each of the three workshops will provide tools and resources to assist programs with embedding assessment into every day programming.

This series of workshops supports Stars Standard:    LO3- Program implements a formative child assessment for all infants, toddlers, and preschoolers a minimum of two times each year and a developmental youth assessment for school-age children/youth annually. 

The trainings are titled: 

See all of our upcoming Assessment & Implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD Professional Development opportunities!

NEW! Spring 2019 New Assessment & Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold Schedule


Implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD

This training is recommended to Star 3, 4, and 5 programs, who are ready to implement these practices in their programs immediately following the workshop. After administrators complete the Implementing Teaching Strategies Gold training, they will be eligible to receive assessment materials and online access to TS Gold. Information will be provided at the training. More on TS Gold can be found on their website:  Teaching Strategies GOLD

Assessment is an integral part of Early Childhood Education to help educators plan for and promote their student’s development.  In ECE, assessment focuses on a child’s behaviors, skills, competencies, preferences, and interactions.  Though the term “assessment” conjures thoughts of paper and pencil testing, assessment in ECE is typically informal, consisting  of naturalistic observations and anecdotal notes.  NAEYC recommends that these assessments be ongoing, given frequently, and utilize multiple methods for gathering information.  This provides more information to analyze and use when making teaching decisions, monitoring development and educational progress, and identifying areas of concern.  .

Read more about Assessment in Early Childhood here on NAEYC’s website: http://www.naeyc.org/positionstatements/cape


Curriculum Training:

Foundations of Curriculum Series: Next Offering Spring 2018

To support program success with curriculum, the DIEEC Professional Development Department and Delaware Stars are pleased to announce a new curriculum series for qualified Stars providers. This four-part series will build providers’ ability to implement curriculum through beliefs and research about how children learn using curriculum.   This series will focus on:

•             Exploring and becoming familiar with curriculum materials and resources. 

•             Identifying the content, outlined by the curriculum, for each age group.

•             Delivery of content through quality interactions.

•             Building a shared vision for curriculum implementation. 

For more information on Center Based programs click here to learn more.
For more information on Family Child Care programs click here to learn more.
If you would like to complete the Family Child Care Spring 2018 application, click here
If you would like to complete the Center Based Spring 2018 application, click here.

Onsite Training

The Professional Development Department of the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood is available to deliver up to one onsite training per child care program site per year. Request Forms must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. The PD Department will contact you upon receipt of your request to schedule your onsite workshop. Policies and procedures regarding dates, times and topics can be found on the Onsite Training Form. Please be advised that there is a fee for onsite professional development. Carefully plan in advance and choose topics that will benefit all teaching staff.

Course Descriptions

Onsite Training Request Form


DIEEC Partnerships

DIEEC partners with several different organizations to offer Quality Assured Training opportunities. All training that is quality assured and offered by these organizations will be listed on the registry for you to register.

Some of the QA sponsoring organizations include:

Organization: Children’s Beach House – Delaware Center for Youth Development
Address: 100 W. 10th Street, Suite 411, Wilmington, DE 19801
Contact: Jennifer Clement
Phone: 302-655-4288
Email: jclement@cbhinc.org
Website: www.cbhinc.org
Training Menu: https://www.cbhinc.org/delaware-center-for-youth-development/training-opportunities.html

Organization: Delaware Museum of Natural HistoryOrganization: Delaware Museum of Natural History
Contact Name: Lois Lamond
Phone Number: 302-658-9111 x328
Email: llamond@delmnh.org
Address:4840 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19807
Website: www.delmnh.org
Trainings Provided: Seeing Science Everywhere Seasons & Weather, Animals & Habitats, How Things Grow), Healthy Together: Teaching Nutrition and Healthy Living to Preschool Children

Organization:  Prevent Child Abuse Delaware
Contact Name: Kellie Turner
Phone Number: 302-425-7490
Email: Kellieturner@pcadelaware.org
Address: 100 W. 10th Street Suite 715 Wilmington, DE 19801
Website: www.pcadelaware.org
QA training provided: Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse, Understanding Temperament, Building Collaborative Relationships with Families, Troubling Interactions Between Parents and Children, Stewards of Children
Onsite information: Trainings are held at various locations throughout the State.

Organization:  Nemours
Contact Name: Kate Dupont Phillips
Phone Number: 302-298-7637
Email: kdupont@nemours.org
Address: 2200 Concord Pike, Applied Bank Center 7th floor, Wilmington, DE 19803
Website: www.nemours.org
QA training provided: Online learning (Active Bodies Build Active Minds, Delacare/CACFP Nutrition Regulations)

Organization: UD Cooperative Extension – New Castle County office
Contact: Maria Pippidis

Phone: 302-831-1239
Email: pippidis@udel.edu
Address: 461 Wyoming Rd. Suite 131, Newark De 19716
Website: http://extension.udel.edu/fcs/childcare-provider-resources/
QA training provided: see website for listing of approved topics
Onsite information: will provide onsite training for 15 or more staff members

Organization: Delaware Children’s Department – Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services (DPBHS)
Contact Name: Mary Moor
Phone Number: 302-781-3212
Email: mary.moor@state.de.us
Address: 261 Chapman Road, Suite 200, Newark, DE 19702
Website: kids.delaware.gov
QA training provided: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) and Teacher-Child Relationship Training (TCIT)
Onsite information: DPBHS is part of the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families and provides a statewide continuum of prevention services, early intervention services, and mental health and substance abuse (behavioral health) treatment programs for children and youth.  Early childhood mental health consultation to early care and education programs is one level of service available.  Additionally, the ECMHCs provide quality assured training through DIEEC to early care and education professionals that focus on the topic area of social and emotional development of children birth to five. 

TECE (In- Person Training)

Training for Early Care & Education I and Training for Early Care & Education II are two 60-hour packages of training that encompass the 13 functional topic areas and competency goals for CDA. Participants are required to meet attendance requirements, complete homework assignments, and pass quizzes to successfully complete the course. TECE 1 & 2 sponsoring institutions (PDF 140K).


Online TECE I & TECE II/ CDA Credential Training

Please click here for additonal information.


Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing Program

The Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition operates the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing program. The CDA represents a national effort to credential qualified providers who work with children from birth through age five.

A Child Development Associate is an individual who has successfully completed the CDA assessment and has been awarded the Credential. By receiving the credential, the provider has demonstrated that s/he is able to meet the specific needs of children and works with parents to nurture the child’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and social development. Also, the individual must demonstrate their ability to meet the CDA Competency Goals. There are thirteen functional areas from which the goals were developed: Safety, Health, Learning Environment, Physical, Cognitive, Communication, Creative, Self, Social, Guidance, Families, Program Management, and Professionalism.

In order to receive the CDA you must meet the following requirements:

To begin the process of receiving your CDA, contact the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition at (800) 424-4310 or (202) 265-9090 for an assessment application packet. The cost for the application packet is $20 and the assessment fee is $325.

For information on CDA scholarships through T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood®, contact Michelle Spencer, T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Coordinator at 302-764-1501 or mspencer@daeyc.org