TECE 1 & TECE 2 Online/ CDA Training package

The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education (ECE) and is a key stepping stone on the path of career advancement in ECE.

In Delaware, the CDA CREDENTIAL: CENTER BASED PRESCHOOL is recognized by the Office of Child Care Licensing as the approved online equivalent to TECE 1/ TECE 2. 

Also, this ONLINE TECE I and TECE II/CDA Credential Training is designed to help fulfill the 120 hours of professional development required by the Council for Professional Recognition. 

Please note that completing this course does not mean you have completed a CDA, please refer to the Child Development Associate Credential if you wish to complete the entire CDA process.

UPDATED:  As of November 2, 2017, the online CDA modules that are accepted for TECE 1 & TECE 2 in Delaware have changed web domains. Modules that were previously hosted through “Smart Horizons” are now hosted through “Cypherworx.”  Module content remains the same.  Please see additional information below for returning and new users.

  • Returning User

    Finishing Your Online TECE 1 & TECE 2/ CDA

    If you have previously registered, purchased and are in the process of completing your coursework through Smart Horizons:

    1. You will have until November 2, 2018 to complete your TECE 1 & TECE 2 training modules.
    2. Use your established login information with Smart Horizons to continue the modules through their website.
    3. Any questions can be directed to the Smart Horizons help line:  (800) 261-6248
  • New User

    Just Starting Your Online TECE 1 & 2/ CDA

    This link below is for providers who have not registered, purchased and started the TECE 1 & 2 online coursework prior to November 2, 2017.


    The ONLINE TECE 1 & 2/CDA is now being hosted through Cypherworx. Do not register through Smart Horizons if you have not already started the course with them.

    Steps to register:

    1. Go to:  https://collabornation.net/login/childcareaware
    2. Join Child Care Aware by creating a new account. 
    3. Enter the site, click course catalog tab (at the top of the page).
    4. On the right, choose "ALL CDA CREDENTIAL PACKAGES".  Then from the list in the middle, choose "CDA CREDENTIAL: CENTER BASED PRESCHOOL". This course is listed as CDA training; however, this course is recognized as an equivalent to TECE 1 & TECE 2.
    5. The cost is $269. You will need to enter the coupon code Delaware2018 to receive this price. You will be directed to pay when you have created your account and selected the training package.
    6. Contact Cyperworx at 888.685.4440 with any questions or concerns about registration.


    This course does not mean you have completed a CDA, please refer to the section below:

    "Child Development Associate Credential" if you wish to complete the entire CDA process.


If you have any questions regarding this change in host website, please contact:

Veronica Commodore, PD Director at vcomm@udel.edu or on 302-831-3239.

Caitlin Gleason, Office of Early Learning, at caitlin.gleason@doe.k12.de.us or on 302-735-4295.