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Training Opportunities


Non-Quality Assured (Community-based Training)

Community-based training is a professional development opportunity offered by an entrepreneurial instructor or agency that provides the early childhood workforce another option to obtain training hours to fulfill qualification and training requirements. This type of training may be considered non-quality assured/Level I training. Community-based training is non-Quality Assurance by DIEEC PD, These training hours will not show up on your DIEEC transcript.

For more information regarding community based training please see Community Based Training.



In-Person Learning

Find these face-to-face sessions on our training calendar to see what’s currently available. These sessions are open to the public. You must create a profile in the registry in order to enroll.

In-person learning workshops are great opportunities to network; to interact with experienced instructors; to get hands-on experiences, and to have opportunities to practice learning.

Click here for In-Person DIEEC Workshop Locations.


On-site Training

The Professional Development Department of the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood is available to deliver up to one onsite training per child care program site per year. Request Forms must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. The PD Department will contact you upon receipt of your request to schedule your onsite workshop. Policies and procedures regarding dates, times and topics can be found on the On-site Training Form. Please be advised that there is a fee for onsite professional development. Carefully plan in advance and choose topics that will benefit all teaching staff.



Online Opportunities

DEPDNow online trainings are another way to earn quality assured training hours.  These trainings are free – with a few exceptions – and can be accessed on a computer, iPad, or smartphone. Click here to access DEPDNow online training opportunities.

Only trainings accessed through our DIEEC registry count for Quality Assured hours.  Make sure you login prior to registering for online trainings.  Need some help with the process? Click here for guidance.



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